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The benefits of reading to toddlers

Woman Showing Books To Toddler — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD
Reading has many benefits to our lives. But are you aware of just how beneficial it is to read to your children regularly? Scientific evidence suggests reading to children during the crucial development ages of 1 to 3 has a significant impact on their future growth, understanding and interactions with the world.

Research has found that children who are read to often better manage as they transition into independent reading and writing. Reading to toddlers can assist in developing essential book reading skills, from turning a page, reading left to right, and even onto spelling their names. As children grow, these skills can even translate into improvements in their knowledge and confidence on their path in life.

Here are some of the significant benefits that the team at Highfields Child Care Centre believe your children can gain from daily reading:

Accelerated development of reading skills

Reading aloud to your children during their early years will set them up for independent reading success. Developing key reading skills will accelerate their success in mastering the basics of communication. By reading aloud, you are expanding your toddler’s vocabulary and guiding their language acquisition skills. Simply hearing words pronounced properly will enrich their understanding and communication skills and help them read and write independently.

Improved language skills

We all know that the foundation of our language skills is built during the critical early years of life. You can help them along on this journey by reading them a story every night. Doing so ensures that their understanding of speech and their language skills develop sooner. This translates into greater reading and writing skills. Reading books to your children is the first step in developing good communication skills.

Enhanced communication skills

Communication skills are essential, no matter what your child wishes to do in the future. It does not matter their definition of success; excellent command of written and spoken English will help them on their path to success. Reading daily during the early development years will provide them with greater communication skills, allowing them to understand the world around them and communicate effectively with it. The key to success in any effort is strong communication, and you can help your child get started by reading to them each night.

Enriched understanding of the world

Reading a couple of chapters to your toddler each day will help enrich and develop their understanding of the world around them. Children are naturally curious, and they love to learn about the world around them and its diversity. By reading to your children, you can introduce them to new topics which stimulate their curiosity and imagination. This will support their transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. With a greater understanding of the world, they can better manage their fears and deal with the challenges of being a toddler, like tying their shoes or fighting the monsters under the bed.

Greater creativity and imagination

Creativity and imagination are important to childhood development. The words, descriptions, and ideas that you read to your children will become pictures in their minds, cultivating their imagination. With an enhanced imagination comes an improvement in their ability to be creative. Developing both creativity and imagination will form the basis of your child’s ability to offer creative solutions to the world’s ever-changing needs.

Higher levels of emotional intelligence

The stories in books can illustrate a range of human emotions and cultures, allowing them to see, feel, and understand how humans interact with each other. This will give them a better understanding of the feelings they experience in everyday life and develop their emotional, intellectual, and social maturity.

Increased empathy and understanding of others

Each story you read to your toddler will convey the author’s morals, attitudes, values and beliefs, developed through their understanding of society. The stories you read will influence your children and their subconscious interpretation of the world. They will be able to recognise ethics and advance their empathy for other human beings.

Enhanced concentration

Concentration is a valuable skill that many take for granted, and we learn it to a varying degree and call upon it at many points throughout our lives. By reading to your child, you are helping them develop their ability to concentrate on concepts and listen actively. This will be a great benefit to their ongoing learning experiences.

Parent child bonding

Reading to your toddler after a busy day can help you relax and unwind while bonding in a positive way that will remain with you for many years. When you talk to toddlers, they often report that their favourite thing to do is read with mum or dad. Having dedicated reading time each day will demonstrate your love and improve your personal relationship. The relationship you have will help your child to nurture healthy and loving relationships with other children.

Tips for the unruly toddler

We understand that reading to your toddler can be challenging, and it can be a struggle to get them to sit still and take part in quiet reading time. However, reading doesn’t have to be perceived as boring. You can get creative and choose the best books that will hold the interest of your little one. Perhaps suggest your child chooses the books, and depending on their age, you can opt for books with lots of pictures and simple, easy to read text to get them interacting with the book. To make story time even more fun, you can substitute your child’s name for the character’s and get animated, sing along, clap and talk about the illustrations on each page.

The above are just a few of the vast benefits that your children gain when you read to them. The team at Highfields Child Care Centre believe passionately in reading to your little one as often as you can.

Highfields Child Care Centre incorporates reading into our daily kindergarten schedules, striving to make every single day engaging for your child. Your toddler will be nurtured and given the best opportunities to grow their mind and boy to become the best person they can be.

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