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Our centre is guided by a culture that believes in making a difference

For us to provide a high standard of education and care in Early Childhood settings, it is important that the centre has a philosophy that guides educator practices and forms the basis of our practice. 

We are a privately owned family run centre, who take our roles and responsibilities very seriously and are committed the children, families and our team members best interests.

We believe that we are in a privileged position that enables us to watch and help children grow and develop.  We nurture the children in our care and aim to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.  Often, life can be full of uncertainty and change; we endeavour to provide a secure base and sense of community even in these times.  We want everyone who enters our centre to feel comfortable, loved and respected.  We want every person to feel that they belong and are valued.

We realise that we have a responsibility to be positive role models to all children regardless of background.  We model and teach values, life skills and respect. 

We want every child, educator, family member and visitor to feel welcomed and for them to really want to be here.  We aim to greet every visitor and child by name on arrival and take the time to talk to them about their lives outside of the kindy setting.  We understand the importance of a happy demeanour and positive attitude.

Children Drawing
Two Toddlers Befriending Eachother

We feel that it is important for children and educators alike to be praised and respected for their efforts and supported in times when they are struggling. We want to set the foundations for learning and create positive memories for all members of our community and for the learning to be fun as well as educational.

We understand that children need boundaries and rules but also know the importance of providing opportunities for safe, considered risks.  Our playgrounds provide physical challenges that develop children’s physical development while also encouraging them to test their limits. 

We know that it is vital for educators to be engaged and involved in experiences in order to attract children’s attention and make them want to learn.

We aim to provide an environment where educators are encouraged to be positive and passionate. 

We realise that we are professionals and our role is far more than just providing care.  We want every person to be comfortable enough to express their views and know that their views are respected. 

Above all; we view all children as being capable of achieving greatness.  We want to provide them with the opportunities and life skills to become the best that they can be.  We continually and critically reflect on our practices and make an effort to improve wherever necessary.  We sincerely want to be a high quality centre and welcome any input to help us achieve this.

All of our Educators have their own individual Philosophy, all which centre around best outcomes for each child, while adhering to the national guidelines set out on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

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