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The newborn bubble


The newborn bubble – a time where everything else in the world around you comes to a stop. Where your focus and undivided attention is just honed into the little human/s that you have just brought into this world.

Your life becomes a series of questions and lessons; how to swaddle, how long to feed, when to feed, when to change, when to sleep, how to sleep, where to sleep – what is sleep?!

You are discovering a new love; undefined, unparalleled.

You waste hours upon hours, gazing at this little life – in awe and complete admiration, feeling like you could be like this for life.

People tell you this time goes so fast, but you don’t realise just how fast it goes until you have lived it.

Your routine of sleep, feed, change nappies – repeat; combined with an absolute loss of understanding between day and night, blends your hours into days, into weeks. Then suddenly you make it to one month, two months, three months at the blink of an eye.

The once squeaky, sleepy baby is now ticking off milestones outside of wet nappies, sleep and wake windows.

Sometimes it can be very hard to comprehend the actual speed at which your little one is learning. The bonds you share as parents and child grow into mimicked expressions, sounds and movements.

You learn to communicate on your own level, there is a new language in the house and with every ‘lalalaaa’ there is an acknowledgement from your baby, even if it is met with silence.

Movements start off slow and then they are rolling, then crawling, then walking – and not always in that sequence.

Toys and clothes are both everywhere and nowhere at the same time, bath times become play times, sleep times also become play times and before you know it, you have a toddler with attitude, determination and wit.

So as you scramble to make yourself another coffee and find yourself on the cusp of a sleepy meltdown, reflect on how special the newborn bubble is. Savour it, love it and through those tired eyes appreciate this time – because it really is unlike any other.