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Early Childhood Education Programs in Toowoomba Focusing on Health & Creativity

Promoting Learning Through Good Health & Wellbeing

At Highfields Childcare Centre, we use a holistic approach to incorporate all areas of learning and development for early childhood education in Toowoomba. This has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and health and creativity, recognising the importance of communication, language, numeracy, social and emotional development.

It is our belief that all children bring their perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning experience. Our programs are child-focused and inspired by children’s curiosity and imagination, designed to nurture the development and growth of each child. Healthy habits and general wellbeing are crucial for a child’s early development and that’s why we incorporate them into our everyday programs.

Kid Molding Sand — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD

Sports & Nutrition Programs

We believe exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to a healthy mind. By eating the right food and getting the right amount of physical activity each day, children are given the best possible opportunity to develop and learn. To ensure our students receive the right levels of nutrition, our food plans are designed to meet the Nutritional Guidelines Australia, and in line with Eat Well Australia.

We also teach our students about the benefits of getting outside and participating in physical exercise. Our staff promote a wide variety of sports and outdoor play activities to get our student’s bodies and minds working together in a fun and safe environment.

health & creativity toowoomba

Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

Staying on top of your mental health is just as important as your physical health for young children. That’s why we implement several yoga, mindfulness and meditation sessions—to help our students develop awareness around their thoughts, feelings and emotions. We believe practicing mindfulness is crucial for developing minds and can help students:
And much more! With a healthy mind and body, our students will have the best chance at smashing their learning and developmental goals.
Kid Doing Crafts — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD

Music & Dance Programs

At Highfields Childcare Centre, we believe every child is on a unique learning and creative journey. That’s why we give them the tools and experiences to explore their own creative endeavours. Our health and creativity programs incorporate both music and dance to promote a sense of positivity and expression, while providing children with the opportunity to develop memory, coordination and confidence. Our music and dance classes are a way for students to develop crucial early life skills in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.