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Kindergarten in Toowoomba Teaching Life Skills

Developing Early Life Skills

Our service is dedicated to providing the very best start to children’s education and offers an approved kindergarten program in Toowoomba that focuses on developing early life skills.

Our life skills program aims to educate and develop young children to become sustainably conscious, healthy and to become a positive member within their community.

Contact us to learn more about how we promote health and creativity or enrol your child at Highfields Childcare Centre in Toowoomba today.

Kid Playing Tea Party — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD

Creating Junior Chefs

We take the approach that children are more likely to try new foods if they are involved in the creation process. Our staff take small cooking classes, where students learn to make basic meals, which promotes independence while teaching students simple maths and science concepts. They learn how to work in a group and wait their turn while most importantly—having fun!
meeting locals in toowoomba

Meet Influential Locals

To help children develop mentally, physically and emotionally, we implement community visits and meeting influential locals into our program. By getting children out into the community, meeting various influential peoples, they can develop important early life skills and relationships that are important later in life. We are visited by police officers, firemen and indigenous elders; we take our students to aged care facilities, swimming lessons, libraries and much more.
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Promoting Sustainable Habits

When it comes to implementing sustainable practices, we emphasise recycling and the importance of looking after the environment. Our students learn about recycling at Highfields Childcare Centre through daily activities such as:
We also allow our students to spend time and care for animals to help develop their sense of nurture and empathy.