Our Curriculum

Highfields Child Care Centre

Our Educational Programs and Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on education through each child’s own curiosity, exploring the many learning experiences, to offer creative minds opportunities to extend on these. Every day a child is learning so much in their early years and developing their own individual personality, therefore our goal is to help them maximise the most important aspects of learning to grow and develop in a safe, healthy, fun and respectful environment.

Our educators spend time with the children showing how each child can make a positive difference. Children are able to interact with animals as part of the curriculum, given chances to meet influential locals, enjoy physical and artistic classes and are prepared for school, working with STEM curriculum so that they start school as advanced as they can be.

Each of our Educators is fully trained and experienced, and share our deep passion for Early Childhood Education. They plan and provide a detailed developmental pathway for all children in our care.

All of the Educators at Highfields Child Care are forward thinking in their educational planning and are always updating our programs to ensure to ensure your children are getting the greatest opportunity to be the best they can be! Most of our staff have been educating at the Centre for many years and we pride ourselves on the connections and meaningful relationships they build with children and their families.

Our Educators are continually upskilled through training opportunities. They are encouraged to seek out best practice in all age groups and to apply the best of their findings to the daily activities at Highfields Child Care Centre. Our Educators receive internal and external support and training to ensure our team stays at the forefront of early education delivery.

Programming is both group and individually focussed for each age group and child, with observations and experiences leading the path of delivery for high quality learning to all children in our care.

Our Centre offers care 52 weeks per year, excluding weekends and Public Holidays and is open Monday to Friday 6:30am – 6:30pm.

Our service is approved under the Education and Care Services Law and any conditions prescribed in the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Our educators are dedicated to providing quality care and learning programs are developed for each individual child using the Early Years Learning Framework.

Highfields Child Care Centre also encourages connections to the natural world by nurturing children’s understanding and respect for the natural environment. Our programming emphasises the connection between people, plants, animals and the land.

Children thrive when families and educators work together to support young children’s learning. Opportunities will be made available to parents throughout the year to learn more about our educational programs, and also our additional programs that support children’s creative interests.


We would love to share this journey with you, please contact us or visit us to see for yourself.