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We Offer STEAM Education in Toowoomba

Age-Appropriate Learning

At Highfields Childcare Centre in Toowoomba, a large part of our life skills, health and creativity and learning programs are adapted from STEAM, which is a curriculum based on education in five specific areas – Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. This, coupled with development through children’s interests and needs and reflective practices, delivers a program that is inspiring for each child and their family.

The most important thing to remember about STEAM education is that when children are learning STEAM, it is through connecting with their natural curiosities. Children have STEAM incorporated each day, but by recognising it at this young age, it helps them to connect it as they head into their school years.

STEAM is implemented based on age-appropriate learning. Some examples of where STEAM is used are building blocks, cooking, art, music and many more of these day-to-day learning experiences that we do not even realise are utilising these skills.

Kid In Stripes — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD

Storypark Learning Environment

Communication with children and families is a huge part of our philosophy at Highfields Childcare Centre—one we understand is paramount to delivering effective learning.

All of our Highfields families are given access to Storypark when enrolling. Storypark allows families to be more involved in their child’s day and share their journey. Through Storypark, your child’s educators will record and communicate learning as it happens via photos, video, audio and observations within a secure online learning environment.

Each child’s Storypark portfolio belongs to the child, so that means you will always have access to their memories.

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Approved Kindergarten Provider

Our service is dedicated to providing the very best start to children’s education and offers an approved kindergarten program for children in the year before starting school.

Approved kindergarten programs are designed to meet government guidelines that make sure children take part in quality early childhood education in Queensland.

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STEAM Programs in Toowoomba

STEAM Education Programs

We deliver the STEAM curriculum through our kindergarten and other educational programs based at our centre in Highfields. Our goal is to help children develop creatively, intellectually and socially to a point where they can begin solving some of the real-world problems they may encounter later in life.

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