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Storypark app: keep track of your kids’ education

Storypark — Early Learning in Highfields, QLD
Highfields engage with Storypark. Storypark is a revolutionary software that helps your children to learn and grow while providing the capability for the whole family to be involved. This is a brilliant system that can allow greater connection between families, especially when they are separated geographically. Highfields are committed to excellence in early learning education and make full use of this intelligent software to ensure that your child is given the best start in life. All you have to do is download Storypark to make use of it. Now that you’re interested, you’re probably wondering what is Storypark?

What’s Storypark?

Storypark App is an excellent tool that documents and supports children’s’ learning by recording and communicating what they are learning at Highfields in real time on the Storypark App. This recording and communication is conducted through photos, videos, and observations. Storypark gives you great insight into your child’s ongoing development, interests, and personality so that you can find and plan new ways to develop their skills and interests. Storypark’s software has been built by international education academics who are focused on quality teaching, learning and engagement during early years. Through Storypark families are able to nurture lifelong learning and document a child’s development from birth through to primary school. Storypark makes communication easy, it allows you to share notices, events and have conversations in real time. This helps develop the teacher-parent bond and benefits your child’s development.

Storypark is a for purpose organisation. They are committed to helping every child reach and fulfil their unique purpose in life by connecting them with their community. Storypark has a unique story and it is derived from the founder’s mums all being early childhood educators. Highfields are overjoyed at the growth of such an altruistic organisation and feel that their ideas about early learning tie in with our own.

How will Storypark help my child?

Storypark will benefit your child in many ways. Statistics show that, out of families that have been engaging with Storypark, 90% state that they now have a stronger understanding of their child’s development. This is great news, as it leads to greater family engagement with the physical, mental, and spiritual development of their child. In fact, 98% of educator users have said that engaging with Storypark has increased family engagement. This is a big deal, as family engagement helps support your child and encourages them to succeed at early learning. This has immeasurable benefits for their development onwards into later life. If you’re not big on tech, don’t worry, Highfields can show you how to use Storypark.

Does Storypark cost anything for families?

No, it does not cost families a cent. You and your family have free online, cloud based access to all your child’s content, anywhere, anytime. Storypark is available for all platforms and can be downloaded easily from the app store of your choice. You are probably thinking that it’s too good to be free, but it is! Educators and organisations do however, have to pay a monthly fee to use the platform.

Is my child’s data safe?

We understand that for some, the idea of having precious images and videos of your child uploaded to a cloud can be somewhat worrisome. But with the Storypark app, you can rest assured knowing that your data is completely safe, protected, and secure. You are in control of who is permitted to access the content of your child and all profiles are private unless you specifically invite someone to share your child’s content. Parents have complete control of their child’s online footprint and can chose who can access it, whether to keep it, or delete it. Parents can share milestones and moments via easy private message with the whole family so that no one misses out. Storypark for families allows the whole family, regardless of their location to safely enjoy the little moments in their child’s development. This is especially important as the early years fly by so fast.

How to use Storypark?

Storypark boasts world class online support, providing the resources to help you set up and download Storypark app and operate it to its full capability. Of course, they have a technical support team available to resolve any issues you may be having and show you how to use Storypark properly. On top of this, Storypark have established a great online collaboration with who provide up to date and verified parenting advice and support based on your child’s age.

Make the most of your child’s early years

Highfields have partnered with Storypark to make the absolute most of your precious one’s early years. Gone are the days where the busy working parents miss out on the key development of their child at kindergarten. Now you can monitor their progress and see how they are developing. This helps to foster growth areas as well as to quickly and easily treat issues or deficits in your child’s development. Highfields are committed to a high quality early education for your child and believe that we have a great formula for developing well rounded and happy children. Download Storypark today to see the many benefits it can bring your child and family.